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Embrace the Power of Many by Creating a Local Mastermind

Posted on Mar 20 Jessica Webster

We’ve come to believe that every gym owner could use the added benefit of having a trusted group to shares ideas and discuss business issues which is why we built The Network.However, participating in a local business mastermind has an entirely different set of benefits. Getting together with a local group of like-minded individuals...

How to Create a Gym Referral Program

Posted on Mar 12 Jessica Webster

Referred members are arguably some of the best members you could hope for. They're already prepped to have a long-lasting relationship with your business and are excited to get into the groove with their referring friend who's been talking you up for months now. Referrals are a major factor in cost-effectively growing your gym - but...

How to Design an On-Boarding Program for New Members of Your Gym

Posted on Mar 06 Jessica Webster


How to Quickly Grow Your Gym Membership in Today’s Competitive Market with Jack Green

Posted on Feb 28 Jessica Webster


Developing a Deliberate Practice & Mindset with LOGAN GELBRICH

Posted on Feb 12 Jessica Webster


Implementing a Gym Ambassador Program with Brittany Welk

Posted on Feb 07 Jessica Webster


How to Run a 6-Week Challenge with Tyler Sullivan

Posted on Dec 29 Jessica Webster


How to Create the best functional Fitness Class Experience

Posted on Dec 08 Gymwright
Recorded live on The Network, Friday, December 8th, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. PST

This week, Markus flies solo on Gymwright LIVE to answer your questions about how to create the best possible class experience for your members.

This is a topic that a lot of gym owners tend to phone in, thinking that if they’re a good coach and show up to...

How to Increase Premium Service Sales at Your Box with Shayne Jasper

Posted on Dec 01 Gymwright

When gym owners think about premium services, the first thing they usually think of is usually personal training... and of a lot of unpleasant sales pitches to get them there. In real life, premium services include nutrition coaching, custom program design, massage therapy, or any other value-added service your box provides.


The Prescriptive Gym Sales Consult Method 

Posted on Dec 01 Gymwright
Recorded live on The Network, Friday, December 1st, 2017, at 10:00 a.m. PST

This week, Markus is talking about one of his favorite subjects: Sales. 

We come back to this area of development for gym owners so frequently, because we know so many gym owners hate it. Sales is not why you opened a gym. You wanted to help people live...